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Kamis, 25 Januari 2007

Maximazing Magnetic Lasso Tools

Magnetic Lasso tool is especially useful for quickly selecting objects with complex edges set against high-contrast backgrounds.

But to use Magnetic Lasso with it's great fuctionality, you need to do some things. When you have select it in the tool box, set any of this options in the option bar:
1. Specify feather, this option can be use to soften the edge of selestion.
2. Click anti-aliasing options, this will be use to smoth the edge of transition.
3. Specify Width amount, this is use to set distances from edge to consider as path. The Magnetic Lasso tool detects edges only within the specified distance from the pointer. I recommend to use small value, but it's actually depend on the image condition. There's a note in the end of this post that will help you to specify the value.
4. Specify Edges Contrast, to set contrast of edge to consider as path. A higher value detects only edges that contrast sharply with their surroundings; a lower value detects lower-contrast edges. I recommend to use small value, but it's actually depend on the image condition.
5. Frequency, use it to specify the amount of frequency at which points are added to the path. A higher value anchors the selection border in place more quickly.
6. Tablet pressure will only usable if you use a stylus tablet. When the option is selected, an increase in stylus pressure decreases the edge width.

- On an image with well-defined edges, try a higher width and higher edge contrast, and trace the border roughly. On an image with softer edges, try a lower width and lower edge contrast, and trace the border more precisely.
- While creating a selection, press the right bracket ( ] ) to increase the Magnetic Lasso edge width by 1 pixel; press the left bracket ( [ ) to decrease the width by 1 pixel.
- Press Delete key to go back to previous path point.

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