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Senin, 15 Januari 2007

Calibrating and profiling your monitor

When you calibrate your monitor, you are adjusting it so it conforms to a known specification. Once your monitor is calibrated, the profiling utility lets you save a color profile. The profile describes the color behavior of the monitor—what colors can or cannot be displayed on the monitor and how the numeric color values in an image must be converted so that colors are displayed accurately.
1. Make sure your monitor has been turned on for at least a half hour. This gives it sufficient time to warm up and produce more consistent output.
2. Make sure your monitor is displaying thousands of colors or more. Ideally, make sure it is displaying millions of colors or 24-bit or higher.
3. Remove colorful background patterns on your monitor desktop and set your desktop to display neutral grays. Busy patterns or bright colors surrounding a document interfere with accurate color perception.
4. Do one of the following to calibrate and profile your monitor:
• In Windows, use the Adobe Gamma utility, located in the Control Panel.
• In Mac OS, use the Calibrate utility, located in the System Preferences/Displays/Color tab.
• For the best results, use third-party software and measuring devices. In general, using a measuring device such as a colorimeter along with software can create more accurate profiles because an instrument can measure the colors displayed on a monitor far more accurately than the human eye.
Note: Monitor performance changes and declines over time; recalibrate and profile your monitor every month or so. If you find it difficult or impossible to calibrate your monitor to a standard, it may be too old and faded.

Langkah-langkah mengkalibrasi monitor
Berikut ini adalah langkah-langkah untuk mengkalibrasi monitor:
1. Pastikan monitor sudah dihidupkan paling tidak setengah jam. Atur juga penerangan di ruang yang Anda gunakan)
2. Tampilkan warna monitor Anda dalam 24 bit atau lebih (gunakan Display Properties untuk mengaturnya).
3. Ubah gambar background/wallpaper dengan warna abu-abu (atur dari Display Properties).
4. Gunakan software Adobe Gamma (ada di Control Panel). Ikuti langkah-langkahnya pada program tersebut.
Setelah dikalibrasi, maka akan dibuatkan sebuah profile yang bisa Anda simpan. Usahakan untuk mengkalibrasi monitor secara berkala.

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