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Senin, 15 Januari 2007

Seleksi dengan Channel

There's another way to create selections. It mostly being used, when selecting a part of hair, smoke, or another transparants objects. As we all know, it's very difficult to make selection for that objects by using regular Selection Tools (such Marque, Lasso, Magic Wand Tools).

But it's still can be done by using combination of Channel and Layer Mask, as follow:
1. Make sure the layer you are working on is not a background layer. If it's Background, double click on it and then press OK.
2. On Channel Palette, select channel which you think the most contrast. Duplicate it.
3. Make the image on that duplicated channel is black and white. Which black area means it will not being selected, and white will be selected. If it's necessary, it can be adjusted by select Image > Adjustment > Invert.
4. Make that image completely black and white. You can use Brush Tools, and Burn / Sponge Tools by selectively choosing the right color range to adjust the black or white area.
5. After the image is completely black and white, klik the icon Load Channel as Selection.
6. The selection is done, you can return to RGB Channel.

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